Quesada Tech Stock


At Quesada Tech we buy and sell computers, mobile phones and tablets.

If you need to upgrade your current devices call in and see us. Whether you’re looking for a new or refurbished device, we can help you to find one that fits your needs and your budget.

We have in stock a number of used devices suitable for use immediately and undergo rigorous testing and cleaning so that we can offer a 3 month guarantee with confidence. 

Our stock varies regularly, so give us a call or pop into the shop to find out what we have currently available.

All new devices we offer are carefully picked to offer our clients the best quality for the best price. From smartphones, to tablets, to computers, we keep a list of approved devices that can be ordered in within 48 hours, or are sometimes even kept in stock in the shop. When you’re looking for a new device, we take the time to understand your needs, and work with you to find the most suitable device.

We pride ourselves in providing excellent after sale care, and are always here to help our customers understand and operate their new devices.

Not sure what you need? Pop in to see us, or give us a call.